A webcomic of short stories


Keith Frady

Keith Frady writes weird stories in a cluttered apartment in Atlanta, GA. You can find his prose work in Behind the Mask, The Breakroom Stories, and Love Hurts: A Speculative Fiction Anthology.

Cullen Gardepe

Cullen Gardepe is an Atlanta-based comics artist, illustrator, and art teacher who specializes in capturing human emotion, quirkiness, and unique details in her stories and characters. She loves bold colors, interesting lighting, romantic stories, complex characters, and any excuse to draw pretty dresses and flowing hair.

Peter Violini

Ryan Maniulit

Ryan is a 23 year old Seattle based artist who centers his work primarily around sci-fi and fantasy narratives. He is an avid believer in diversity and inclusiveness in all media and hopes his work reflects that. He’s created several erotic comic works funded through Kickstarter and is known for his obnoxious presence on twitter dot com. He currently has 7 non fish pets. The rest are fish.

Chris Miglorino

David Powell is an animator living in Brooklyn, making comics in the twilight hours and trying to have it all. He is the creator of A Drift of Souls, an epic sci-fantasy webcomic about friendship and space monsters, and hopes some day to break back into television.

David Powell

Joni Miller

I'm a living comics, illustration, banjo, and mystery machine with a degree in most of those things from the Memphis College of Art. For more of my work, check out City of Depression online!